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Hotel Zed, Victoria BC

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

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Our family vacation at Hotel Zed in Victoria BC

In December 2021, our family went exploring Victoria and we stayed at Hotel Zed. We usually take a trip south during the winter, but the restrictions prevented us from going so we decided to look for something a little closer but original. We didn’t want a normal hotel and we were looking for something that the kids would enjoy. Vancouver Island was hit by a harsh winter that year which made everything a little harder. We still wanted to keep our family tradition alive and go somewhere like we’ve always done. Even when I was a kid, we used to leave every winter holiday to spend some family time so keeping this alive with my kids was very important.

When we first started looking, we wanted to find a hotel with an indoor pool for the kids and activities to do. The pandemic was hard on them as we usually travel so much and love visiting new places. Looking through all the hotels with pools around Victoria, we ended up on Zed Hotel's website. It was very inviting and offered so many activities and was within a walking distance of malls and downtown. We decided to book a stay and what really sold it was the water slide because we knew this would be very special for the kids.

The winter was so cold, not a typical winter that we are used to seeing. We had freezing temperatures which is not normal during the day over there. We left early to be able to enjoy our first day in Victoria. As soon as we got to the hotel, the kids saw the nice waterslide and they were very excited. We had kept that surprise from them, and they couldn’t wait to try it out. When we arrived, it was a little past lunch, and our room wasn’t ready.

To pass the time, we decided to explore the area around our hotel. The kids enjoyed walking around and letting some energy out after our drive down. We went to get some food for supper at a huge Walmart that almost looked like Costco. Of course, we couldn’t leave without walking in the toy alley. Even though we have a minimalist life, the kids always enjoy walking in the toy section.

When we got back, we got our room. It was a little later than the usual check-in time but with all the new regulations for covid, we understand that it was hard for everyone to manage. Our baby got a little tired of waiting but being close to stores and downtown helped pass the wait time. Our room was very funky and felt like we went back in time like in the 70s. All their rooms have this hippy feel theme, which makes them a little more special.

We had booked the sweet suite which included a queen bed in a room and another queen bed with a sofa bed and a kitchenette. We have a big family so when we travel, we love having a kitchenette in our room. It makes it easier after a big day when we just want to have a quiet supper and relax. We also had a comic book, pens, and paper that the kids found which gave us some time to unpack and settle while they were occupied. They offer many different types of rooms including cottages and an airstream trailer. We love that they had very original concepts.

We decided to have a look around the hotel before enjoying the pool. This hotel has a game room that we loved with a ping pong table, a bowling set, and retro video games. The kids really liked that room, and it gave us something to do in between activities. I think this is a great idea for hotels to have. My only criticism is that the stairs to go down are very narrow and the room isn’t that big. With only two families, we took the whole space. I don’t think it would be possible for them to make it bigger so heads up if you do go for a visit that maybe you will have to wait.

While you wait for the room, the hotel offers many other things. They have board games, a typewriter station, and good coffee and tea. They also have a vinyl listening station and you can also rent free longboards, penny boards, and bikes including kids' bikes. During our stay, we weren’t able to enjoy those because of the weather but it is a nice addition. They also have a shuttle bus that goes to town. They have a restaurant in the lobby, but it was closed because of the restrictions.

After going around, we went for a swim. Although we loved the slide and pool/jacuzzi area, we couldn’t enjoy it to the full. It was so cold that week and you have to get to the pool from outside. This makes it hard if you travel when it’s cold with young children. They do have changing rooms in there but again this was close due to the restrictions. So, we had to run to and from the pool in our wet clothes. The slide is also outside and that made it hard for them to go and slide in the freezing cold. The pool is surrounded by glass garage doors so during the summer it’s probably fully open. The only problem is it made the pool area very cold during the time we stayed. The jacuzzi was also outside. It would be nice if they could find a way to put those glass garage doors all around the whole area, so it is warm and cozy to enjoy when it’s colder.

As I mentioned the temperatures that week were extreme, but they still do have a winter season. Having all the pool area enclosed would probably bring even more people because we did enjoy it. If you have young children, my recommendation is to go when it’s warmer outside. It was difficult for me to go back and forth outside, wet, trying to keep the kids warm and changing as much as we could by the pool as everything was closed. It’s probably easier when the changing rooms are open. Also, the temperature wasn’t high enough to be comfortable inside the pool area. The kids ended up with blue lips, and I almost had to fight to get them out because they were enjoying it so much but at the same time were almost in hypothermia. We would end up back in the room all under the warm shower in our bathing suits.

I loved that the hotel had free Wi-Fi and laundry. As minimalist travelers, we never bring a lot of luggage and I prefer to wash our clothes when needed. The hotel is also pet friendly for all our pet lovers out there. The staff was nice and friendly. We even saw one of them trying to break the ice that was underneath the waterslide to make sure it didn’t fall on anyone. We liked our discoveries in Victoria and our stay. If we ever go back, we might wait to make sure everything is open, and we will try to avoid that cold weather!

Have you ever been to Hotel Zed in Victoria?

Have you visited another Hotel Zed? How was your experience?

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