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O-Travel | Travel in a healthy lifestyle: Why is it so important?

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

There are health benefits to traveling.

Grand canyon family travel as part of a healthy lifestyle

We received a few questions about our O-travel section. We are working on great content and purposeful posts to help your family live a healthy and eco-friendly life. In addition, we offer motivational and self-growth coaching to corporations and small businesses. So why did we create a whole new niche for traveling?

Providing you with more tips and presenting new ways of doing things will give you the tools you need to create your tailored, healthy lifestyle. We emphasize how we are here to help you. In light of this, you will continue to see posts reminding readers that there is no one-size-fits-all solution and everyone needs to find what works for them.

Traveling is integral to our healthy lifestyle and our homeschool style as a family and company. Taking a different perspective on things helps us learn so much. Our lives revolve around discovering foods, cultures, and scenery to learn from them, whether they are local to us or across an ocean. As we mentioned, our family is minimalist. Being a minimalist also means prioritizing where you spend your resources, time, and energy. The hobbies we engage in, the volunteer work we do, the secular work we do, and the curriculum we use as part of our homeschooling are all carefully chosen.

Children on a Florida beach as part of a healthy lifestyle

We keep what is essential on the material side of things, but we also choose to use our time for things that are important to us. Traveling is also an excellent alternative medicine. You might have heard doctors say; you are on medical leave; take a vacation. Most of us know someone overworked who could use some well-deserved vacation time. There is so much more to traveling for us than sunbathing on a beach, although we also enjoy that part! As a traveler, you have the opportunity to try new things, discover unique aspects of yourself, learn and open your horizon, and much more.

When you discover the beautiful planet we live on, you want to care for it even more. When learning about a culture and its troubles, you want to help and volunteer for that cause. When you explore places with your children, you give them the best education they can possibly receive by touching, seeing and understanding how the world around them works and the issues they might face. It’s healthy in many ways and it gets you to be more physically active as you end up walking more or even hiking and you might try a new sport.

Mother and her children at an event during a travel as part of a healthy lifestyle

To top it all off, we love sharing our discoveries and places we've been. We love supporting small businesses that are local to the places we visit. It's a pleasure to help families plan their next trip and discover new places they hadn't considered before. We'll share everything we learned from all of our trips, and we promise you won't be disappointed. Our travels have taken us to many places, and we will share the highlights from all of them, from the food, the hotels, the museums, the national parks, and the hidden gems.

We have one request. Whenever you visit or travel, please be respectful at all times. Make sure you pack out what you pack in. Be a good tourist and follow the rules. Respect the land, communities, and people of the local area. Be the kind of tourist you'd like to have in your hometown. When applicable, learn their culture and attempt to greet them in their language.

Make your travels more than a simple vacation, make them a self-growth learning journey and bring a life skill back with you every time. This could be a recipe, a way of cooking something, a new workout, a sport or art that you learn, something new you never thought you would try or anything at all

Child holding a lizard during a travel

If you have children, help them make the most of their vacation and ask what they will remember and bring back with them. Have them keep a travel journal to log all those discoveries. You will be impressed to see how much they learn and grow from every trip you make, no matter if they are local or miles away.

We love hearing your stories and discoveries, so make sure you share some pictures and tag us @ozeyalife on Instagram, @ozeyalifestyle on TikTok and use our hashtag #ozeyalife so that everyone can learn from each other.

Four children sitting on a log in the forest as part of a healthy lifestyle travel

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