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Holistic Nutrition Follow-up

Enhance your well-being with personalized follow-up sessions with our holistic nutritionist

  • 45 min
  • 90 Canadian dollars
  • US|CA|West Coast

Service Description

Welcome to our holistic nutrition follow up, where we strive to provide exceptional care to keep your health and wellbeing at its best. We not only analyze your nutritional needs but also offer a follow-up holistic nutrition consultation to ensure your progress. This is the ideal place to determine what's working splendidly for you and what areas need improvement. Have you recently made changes to your lifestyle and health? Or are you going through a new life stage that requires a more precise approach to your nutrition, such as pregnancy or menopause? Don't worry, our follow-up consultation is customized to your specific needs! Whether you have new health goals, discovered hidden intolerances or experiencing new symptoms, we can adjust your plan accordingly. We even offer meal planning services to ensure that you receive adequate support in your effort to overcome vitamin and mineral deficiencies. If you are someone who follows a seasonal plan or is interested in consuming in-season foods, our follow-up consultation can be an excellent tool to help you fine-tune your meals. You don't have to be confused anymore, and you can embark on a culinary adventure that maximizes both taste and nourishment. Even if you don't follow any seasonal plan, we can still help you with new meal plan ideas to spice up your routine. We can tailor this appointment to your specific needs and preferences. Did you know that we can design a customized meal plan that caters to your specific dietary preferences and those of your family? It's true! Just book a follow-up consultation with us after your initial analysis consultation, and we'll make your personalized meal plan dreams a reality. We understand the significance of aligning everyone's nutritional needs in the family, and we're committed to ensuring a harmonious and healthy journey towards optimal health and wellbeing. But wait, there's more! Calling all athletes in the midst of their season or individuals gearing up for a fierce competition - we've got your back. Our follow-up consultation can specialize in assisting athletes through their rigorous training periods, allowing them to optimize their performance and achieve peak physical condition. Our holistic nutritionist is dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle so you can live vibrantly. Let us be your trusted partner on this journey.

Contact Details

  • Washington, USA

  • Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada


  • California, USA

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