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Things to avoid in a Healthy Lifestyle

Updated: Jan 12

Trends in healthy lifestyles

It doesn't take long for a trend to change! Every season, new colors, styles, and accessories are introduced in the fashion industry. Trends in healthy lifestyles are no different. Some may help you, some may not, and some are simply there to sell you new products. Companies often use influencers to promote new diets, new ideas, or new fitness hacks, but it all boils down to this;

Four women from different nationality embracing a health lifestyle

The problem is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution!

It is unlikely that even the most remarkable invention will appeal to everyone.

How can you know what to look for?

  • Get to know your body type

  • Understand your hormones

  • Understand how your body reacts to mental stress, as it will do the same under physical stress

  • Learn about the quality of your sleep

  • Get to know your basal metabolic rate

  • Understand how different types of food affect your digestive system

  • Don't compare yourself to others

Many won't work for you, and you might find something that does. Ask people who are knowledgeable about it. Before you try something you've seen someone else do, make sure you do some research and find out the facts. Make sure you ask questions and look around for red flags.

Is there something specific they're trying to sell?

Do they have industry knowledge, or do they work as influencers?

Is this something you've heard of before?

Do they sell it as a one-size-fits-all product?

These questions can help you identify legit healthy lifestyle trends and avoid unhealthy ones (please don't eat laundry pods!).

Explore your Healthy Lifestyle without fear

Fearing what exactly? Change is not something many of us enjoy. The fear of the unknown and the fear of the outcome are both present. Is it going to end well, or will I fail? Whenever we want to try something new, we are haunted by this question. Remember to think about the learning process rather than the outcome or the unknown.

Remember that whenever you step out of your comfort zone to try something new, you learn something new. You need every failure to improve, whether in business or life, because every failure will help you grow. Failure is the only way to succeed because you can't start something and make it work immediately without failure. There have been failures in the life of every successful person known today. The following are a few examples;

  • In his first election, Abraham Lincoln finished 8th out of 13. He then bought a store but wasn't prosperous enough to keep his part.

  • Many of the Wright brothers' prototypes failed when they tried to build an aircraft. Despite flying 37m in 1903, the newspaper dismissed their accomplishment. Their work was only recognized in 1908 when they began receiving proper credit.

  • Because he wasn't good enough, Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.

  • According to the news channel, Oprah Winfrey wasn't suitable for the news anchor job.

  • A record label rejected The Beatles because they didn't like their sound and didn't think they had a future in the music industry.

  • One of our most inspiring stories is about Disney. We think about him when things don't go as planned. Apparently, he wasn't creative or imaginative enough to keep his job at the newspaper. It is said that he survived by eating dog food at one point in the 1920s and subsequently went bankrupt. His first character and most of his employees were lost to his first distributor, but then he created Mickey Mouse!

Visit Oxford Royale University to read more inspiring stories.

Why is all this connected to creating a healthy lifestyle? It's important to realize that you might try things that won't work for you. Maybe it's a diet, a workout program, an activity, or a trend you heard about. It may be that you prefer doing something different to relax or that you are more motivated for certain things and less motivated for others. Slowly changing the things you want to change is the key here.

If your goal is 15k steps per day and you're starting with barely 3k, perhaps you should try 6k for a while and then increase from there. You might not always reach them at first and get discouraged, but remember all those previous examples. You must keep going and learn from your failures if you want to reach that goal.

Keep a goal journal and write down what worked on the days you achieved your goals. On the days you don't achieve them, write what you did instead and what you think prevented you from achieving them. After a while, read your whole journal and find patterns. The more you learn from those, the easier it will be to change them.

But remember that the tiniest step is still a step forward, so keep moving!

A healthy lifestyle won't happen overnight

We have a tendency today to want to have everything now. Everything is accessible, and waiting is not something we really care for. The key to achieving a healthy lifestyle is to work towards it. You might see some celebrities reaching goals for movies within a month, or you see someone on TV who looks like they changed overnight. It's all about perspectives.

They are paid to do so. It's basically what they do all day in order to reach their goals as quickly as possible. They do their jobs just as you planned for yours today. They have the resources and employees to make it happen quickly. Having worked in the industry once, we understand what goes on behind the scenes.

We witness models crying on the treadmill, repeating that it will be over by the end of the month. It's common to witness people who cringe while swallowing shakes with a grumpy attitude, apologizing after saying they are starving and can't wait to finish. Due to the intensity of the training, we've seen people almost pass out. A few celebrities have told us that after casting for a movie, they had to change their looks within one to three months.

We know how it looks outside the glam. We saw the behind-the-scenes of Instagram. This is not considered a healthy lifestyle. Most people do this as part of their job but do not continue to do so in the long run. Their biggest desire is to be done with it as soon as possible. Even those who enjoy working out get tired of it and tell us they need a break. Even athletes who enjoy it can become frustrated and fatigued with the preparation for competitions.

Don't aim for that quick fix. It's unhealthy for your body, and you will not enjoy it. Not only this, but you will not keep it. Our goal is to create a healthy lifestyle that you get to enjoy and keep in the long run. A healthy lifestyle involves mental health. We only have one life to live, right? So we need to enjoy the things we like. Learning to enjoy a healthy lifestyle instead of indulging because of cravings from too many restrictions is all part of our plan.

The results will come; they always do. Enjoying a small bowl of ice cream will not make you lose everything you worked for, but eating the whole cake because you restricted yourself for a year will. We can help you break down your goals, so they don't become overwhelming. We can help you find alternatives so that you can enjoy your healthy lifestyle. We can show you how to enjoy life without losing your achievements. We can celebrate with you every small step because they are a step forward into a healthy lifestyle!

You are unique| embracing our own strength and weaknesses as part of a Healthy Lifestyle
Nothing is impossible. The word itself says 'I'm Possible' ~ Audrey Hepburn

What is your biggest goal, either in business or in life?

What will you do today to move forward on your healthy lifestyle or for a healthy business?

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