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Ozeya’s Eco village

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

We’ve had a few inquiries about our eco village project, so we decided to answer the most common ones in this post.

What is an eco village?

An eco-village can mean a lot of different things to different people. Instead of answering that question, we will share what our eco village vision is. For Ozeya, an eco village means multiple families living on the same piece of land. Those families will have common goals and visions. Although everyone is different and we want to keep our motto of no one size fits all, we want everyone to have similar values. These are being healthy, active, sustainable and eco-friendly.

We are planning to have a few plots of land so that people can put their own tiny houses. We want to make those plots bigger than what we usually see so that everyone still gets to have their own outdoor private space. Our eco village will have a community garden, outdoor play area and outdoor kitchen. We would love to have the main office where people could rent a hall for bigger events, give group classes of all types and have access to a mini farmers market with local goods. The land will ideally have another garden to sell at the farmers' markets, a small farm and many many other perks.

Our eco village goal is to give a cheaper place for families in an oversaturated market. We also want to help each other on a plastic-free journey and sustainability.

The rent is cheap so how do you purchase and pay for those insane prices today?

The monthly rental will be very cheap considering today’s market and we want to keep it that way. This is why we turned to many government support, and non-profits and are trying to find as many people as possible wanting to join right away so we can make sure we start the right way.

Many of you are reaching out asking if you could give different classes, offer photography on the land and much more. The answer is that we are taking everything into consideration and trying to create a schedule so that everything works. Some of those ideas we already had planned to do like a forest homeschool class, foraging classes, different how-to classes, selling flower cuttings and farm produce, giving fitness classes and so on.

We cannot promise all of it but we can tell you that we are working hard on all aspects.

How will you purchase, have you seen the prices these days?

Yes, we have, and it is something that is slowing us down. We do have a plan and we are not moving faster because we want to keep it simple. We don’t want to stress over anything so when the piece of the puzzle aligns, it will be a go. We have a really good part of the required starter money, and we keep putting some aside every month.

We have people that want to donate through their company, and we are working to make this work for a tax refund. We have some people that want to secure a spot that we are talking to, to make sure we are a match, and that is ready to help out as much as they can also. We are also working on government grants and much more.

We are staying away from investors as we don’t want to lose control of the project and we don’t want to complicate anything. Our goal for this is it will be cheaper for everyone to live there than anywhere else, and everyone will still have their own space.

We also created a new blog, that you are reading at the moment, that is helping us reach this goal. Our affiliates, which include only the brands that align with our values, are another way we are saving money. We are building our Instagram account to help us reach those goals too and get some of the supplies we will eventually need. We are also creating our first challenge program on our website, and we plan to put all the sales from it towards this project.

You can already support all of us by sharing this blog and following us on Pinterest and Instagram and engaging with us to skyrocket our accounts. You can also find out more about the look we are reaching for with our Pinterest board Ozeya’s Eco village. We are always adding pins to give us a good idea of things we like and get inspired.

You can contact us if you have more specific questions or if you would like to maybe join in the fun.

Aren’t you complicating your tiny life by doing so?

Well, this depends on who is asking. For some, it will seem like it, for others no. We posted on Instagram that in life people need 3 hobbies, one to forget the world, one to stay healthy and one to make money. For us, that project fits in all three of them. We love gardening, we love giving outdoor classes and we love living our tiny eco friendly life.

We won’t be able to do so much longer if we don’t figure out a way to have our own space. Some love traveling every weekend, some love watching TV, some play video games, some read and so on. We garden and spend all of our time outside.

Having many families around will prevent everyone from being bound in their house because they need to care for the garden and the farm animals. With this eco village, people will have the freedom to still travel if they want to. We get to all help each other out like good conscious neighbors and share our knowledge. This is why having like-minded people is an absolute must.

We also made sure we had numbers and we won’t move forward until we do. We want to make sure that the land brings enough income so that we never raise anyone. We plan on paying off the mortgage as quickly as possible so we can keep those costs that low.

More questions

We got a lot more questions about the financing, different options and so on. We don’t want to share everything here, but we do have a plan. Will it work out? We hope so but the size of it will depend on what we have. We have certain requirements. We only share those with people that are involved in the project for now.

Eventually, we hope to have a page on our website for you to follow the progress and see the events happening and all the services everyone is offering. We also wish to be able to help others follow in our footsteps and create a tiny community. There are a few out there already and it is growing so now is the best time to save a spot.

**Another way to help us is by shopping with us with Microingredients. They are organic and we have been on the hunt for a very long time now for good quality supplements. We love them for our company and we love their company values of avoiding at all cost; fillers, additives and preservatives. See the difference for yourself, and help the eco village at the same time!

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