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How to stay fit in a Tiny?

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

How do we workout and stay physically active in a Tiny?

We hear that question often; how can you stay fit in a tiny?

People wonder, due to the lack of space, how we can move in our tiny and follow a workout routine. Being in a tiny doesn’t mean we don’t keep our routine like everyone else. We do it differently and use what we have on hand. We also find alternatives when we need more space or think outside the box to make it work.

Use the outdoors

The first thing is utilizing the outdoor. We use the outdoor as our gym, living room, classroom and much more. In my opinion, there is nothing better, than doing your workout routine outside in the sun. Obliviously, depending on where you live, it might get too hot or too cold to do it year-round and bad storms can prevent you from doing it outdoors. You have to look at your own yearly weather and figure out when you can be outside.

Can you find a covered outdoor space for when it’s raining?

Can you dress a little more, adding some layers, when it gets cooler?

We are lucky to have fairly mild weather in winter, but we do get some rain. It’s usually only drizzling, so we can still do it outside and there is something about feeling the fresh rain while you bust a move that makes me feel alive. Use the outdoors as much as you can and put your yoga mat on top of a picnic blanket if you want it to stay clean.

We also love to use our TRX outdoor. Even if it works inside too as it doesn't require too much space, setting it under a tree or in a park is our favorite way of using it. We even have some mommy and kids workout with them and use them when building a homemade ninja warrior path. Make your workout routines fun for the whole family! You can use the code TRX20OZEYAFIT to get 20% off.

Indoor is possible

Living in a tiny doesn’t mean zero floor space. In ours, I have enough room to put my yoga mat on the floor and do my workout routine. Now I won’t be doing a crazy cardio routine, but I can do a few exercises and love using resistance bands as weight. They are very easy to store as they don’t take up any space, they can give you different resistance which is great to build muscle and I really don’t need much space to make it work.

I have many different exercise options depending on if I am inside or outside. I try to plan my week with the weather in mind. The nicest day is my cardio as I make it a hiking day with the kids. Then I choose exercises that require more space on days when I know I will be outside. The kids love it when I do a park workout as they can play while I train. On the days that the weather is bad, I take one as my weekly rest day and on the others, I use my resistance bands indoors and do some stretches or Pilates type of workout that I know I have space for.

Activities think outside the box

During the winter months, we do activities as a family. Working out doesn’t have to be on a machine or doing a specific routine. Working out should be fun and we should debunk the “physical activity” meaning. I like to play with my kids so if I know I want to do cardio I might start a game of tag with them. Running around with them will make me sweaty. We plan activities that are “physical” like swimming at our local indoor pool, skating on our indoor skating rink, or playing at the indoor trampoline and so on.

Even things like going to a museum or zoo could be considered a workout as you are walking most of the day. Bring a pedometer and try to hit 10k steps during that day. There are so many possibilities where you can stay fit and spend quality time with your children. Make sure you use all of them and the perk is you usually don’t feel like you are working out.

What about a group class

When you live in a tiny, you also utilize your community. Do you have a local class that is appealing to you? Maybe an outdoor stroller fitness class, a dance class, a yoga class, a swim class, a baby and me class or even a gymnastics class. What did you do when you were in high school that you loved doing? Find a class and find yourself at the same time. Don’t worry, you aren’t too old to do so. If you were competing in your sport in college, we are not saying you will go back to competing, but you can find a class and have fun.

Recently, we helped a woman in her early 40s. She loved classical ballet and danced all the way through college. Then life happened, a job, kids, a house and a husband. She felt like she didn’t have time for those things anymore and never even bothered looking for a dance studio where her family had moved. We told her that getting “fit” should be fun. When we made her plan, we questioned her to know not only how much weight she wanted to lose but what she liked and how she wanted to feel. Ballet dancing came up and she showed us pictures. We encouraged her to look around her area and ask if they had adult classes and to her surprise, there was more than one with many adult ballerinas. She decided to give it a shot and went back dancing. Not even a year in and she was already back on her points. She said she couldn’t be happier and was looking forward to her class every week. She finally enrolled her daughters and took another class while they had theirs. She said she feels she is happier and has more energy. Why? Well, not only is she moving and doing it in a way that she really enjoys, we think the biggest reason is that she found herself again.

Many have a hard time finding time to stay healthy in their crazy schedule, but it’s important that you do find the time. In a tiny, there is no exception. Whether we find something in our community to do, a group class or use the outdoors, there is always a way. Anyone can find some floor space to put a yoga mat and utilize resistance bands or use a TRX. You could move some furniture or décor if you have to. Think outside the box and make physical activity a daily habit. If you have children, use the quality time with them to sweat at the same time and play. They will love the experience I promise and you will forget about your training session and burn calories without realizing it.

How do you stay physically active?

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